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Web3 Wizard:
TheX Protocol

The Next-Generation Web3 protocol revolutionizes transitions with seamless, interoperable, zero-knowledge-supporting, drag-and-drop and no-code solutions that are scalable, secure, and user-friendly, providing unmatched speed, flexibility, and economic efficiency.

Empowering Businesses With WEB3

The future is here: The Web3 Wizard and AI have joined forces for seamless transitions.

Web3 Wizard

Start Your Business or Project Effortlessly Create your Web3 project without any coding and save time with our user-friendly interface.

AI Powered Web3 Protocol

The Future of No-Code Web3 Solutions! Power-Up Your Business with AI-Powered Web3 Wizard – No Code Required!

Web 2to3 Plug-in

Supercharge Your Existing Business. Maximize productivity by reducing technical difficulties and streamline your workflow with our powerful Web 2to3 plug-in.

Cross Chain Compatible

  • Solana

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Avalanche

  • Cronos

  • Arbitrum

  • Binance

  • Testnet

TheX Chain : A Next-Gen Layer 2 Solution

TheX Chain utilizes MT for main-chain transaction verification and ZK-Rollups for affordable and efficient transactions. TheX Chain seamlessly interacts with the main chain, ensuring smooth transaction validation and data preservation. Organizations can safely enhance their applications on the secure TheX Chain Testnet. For heightened security and privacy, ZK-Snarks enable secure transactions. Empowering businesses in the dynamic Web3 environment, TheX Chain drives innovation and growth.

Empower the future with ease, clarity,
and confidence.
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No-Code Web3 Solutions for Every Industry


    Revolutionize gaming experience with TheX Protocol's rule-based NFT and token sending, P2E game wizard, and asset management features.


    Boost your online business with TheX Protocol's seamless Web3 transitions, smart contract creation, and customer loyalty program design capabilities.

  • Tourism

    Transform your tourism offering based on real-time customer behavior.

  • Enterprise & Startup

    Empower your business with TheX Protocol's scalable, secure, and user-friendly solutions for Web3 transitions, smart contract creation, and asset management.

Unlock the Power of WEB3 with TheX Protocol

Unlock the Power of WEB3 with TheX Protocol

Rule-Based NFT Transfer

Transfer non-fungible tokens based on customized rules for gaming and commerce.

Rule-Based Token Transfer

Transfer tokens based on customized rules for gaming and commerce.

Game P2E Wizard

Use TheX Protocol's P2E game wizard to enhance gameplay and in-game economies.

Asset Management

Manage assets with TheX Protocol's no-code and interoperable solutions for businesses and individuals.

Smart Contract Creation

Create smart contracts with TheX Protocol's no-code and zero-knowledge solutions.

Designing Customer & User Loyalty Programs

Create and manage customer loyalty programs with TheX Protocol's no-code solutions.




  • PHASE 1

    Pre-Launch Planning

    Business Model

    Smart Contracts Development

    Platform Security Algorithm Schema

    Presale Dashboard Pre-Sale

  • PHASE 2

    Web3 Wizard MVP

    TheX Protocol - Academy

    Smart Contracts Final Audit Reports

  • PHASE 3

    Web3 Wizard Beta


    Automatic Marketplace Integrations

  • PHASE 4

    Web3 Wizard Alpha

    Security Token

    Web3 Wizard - AI Integration

    P2E Gaming Sector Upgrade

  • PHASE 5

    TheX Chain Testnet

    TheX Protocol - 2TO3 - BETA

    Dyanmic NFT

  • PHASE 6

    TheX Chain Alfa

    TheX Protocol - Web 2TO3 - ALFA



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